Can game design serve as a method to analyse the pressing issues of our time? Can a topic like digital cyber warfare be explored and understood in play? The game Civilization VI: Age of Warcraft, developed by the Serbian artist collective Eastwood and commissioned by the Gamification Lab, puts the player in the role of a secret service agency that strives for global dominion. To attain that goal and to beat the adversary agencies, the player needs to build up a worldwide digital spy network and develop more and more surveillance technologies. The game is built on the technical basis of the successful Civilization series by Firaxis, but twists and turns its mechanics to explore its own topic. As researchers we wanted to look over the artists’ shoulders and investigate how they translated the results of their own studies into playful structures by using game design as an analytical method. Civilization VI: Age of Warcraft was presented at transmediale 2015 in Berlin to great critical acclaim.