The Gamification Lab participated actively in the Utrecht Summerschool that took place in between 18 August and 29 August 2014. The Summerschool gathered some 60 international students and 20 game scholars and lecturers from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Serbia, Spain, Poland, the USA, Mexico, Austria, Sweden and Finland. Morning sessions consisted of keynotes on Psychology, Politics, Aesthetics and History of Games, Game Journalism, Cartography, and Gamification whereas the afternoons were dedicated to disciplinary seminars and workshops. Interdisciplinary groups of game scholars, gamers, game artists and hackers got involved into the construction, deconstruction and critical analysis of ludic forms and artifacts of different form. Key notes have been presented by Joost Raessens, Miguel Sicart, Frans Mäyrä, Helen Kennedy, Annika Waern, Mathias Fuchs and many more. On the photographs below (courtesy Joeri Taelman) you see students at an experimental game performance: