Last weekend the arts and media festival-congress hybrid that is transmediale took place under the ominous motto of “capture all”. The aftermaths of the Snowden revelations still kept the community with their breaths held waiting for the answer to the one big question. What do we do with our data. In light of this conundrum, Jussi Parikka had answered three questions on media criticality posed by the Critical Media Lab in Basel.

After more than a decade of debate and a record-setting proceeding that attracted nearly 4 million public comments, the time to settle the Net Neutrality question has arrived. Tom Wheeler has outlined the new Open Internet proposal in an op-ed posted on WIRED.

Big Data is still in its early stages of life; to get to the next stage, its integration with core enterprise technologies needs to get better. Chief among the enterprise environments with which Big Data must integrate is the developer ecosystem. Gigaom has presented a panel on why Big Data matters today.

“We are moving towards changes in how ethics has to be perceived: away from individual decisions with specific and knowable outcomes, towards actions by many unaware that they may have taken actions with unintended consequences for anyone”, says Andrej Zwitter in new research on Big Data ethics. Zwitter has published his work OA on the Sage Journal Big Data & Society.

Sara Morais


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